• Are you itching to try creative writing but are intimidated to be in a room with a bunch of folks trying to prove themselves?
  • Have you wanted to try writing or get back to writing, but don’t have time or money for an MFA degree?
  • Did you just graduate from a writing program, and now you need to learn how to write or without deadlines?
  • Do you already have a writing practice, but no community to share work with?
  • Or maybe you’re applying for a creative writing program or ready to send a piece out and need to run your materials by somebody?
  • Is that novel or memoir you drafted and stuffed in a drawer starting to haunt your dreams?

If any of these scenarios resonate, I would love to welcome you into my writing community.



FOUR CLASS PACKAGE: $160.00 ($40.00 discount)  


A LA CARTE: $50.00 per session (see purchasing links below)

Manuscript Consultations:


WITH CLASS: $30.00



A Generative Course for Personal Writing

When: 4 sessions, each in August 2021, from 7-8:30pm.

Where: In a video classroom via Zoom.

Who: Anyone (17 years of age or older) who wants to generate writing from life experiences, or has trouble working through writing about tough subjects.

Email: norabonner@gmail.com to sign up or find out more information.


Week One: Aug 4th, “Getting Started” & Gathering Material

Purchase this class only.

We’ll discuss techniques for filling pages when we don’t feel like it, what it means to have a writing practice, and look at some examples of form to help us get our minds to start grasping at ideas we’d like to explore. We will also discuss how to approach old material with fresh eyes, and how to finish projects we’re afraid to continue.

Week Two: August 11th, “Writing and Relationships”

Purchase this class only.

This week will focus on how to approach writing about other people with generosity without losing our integrity. 

Week Three: August 18th, “Fun with Forms, Part I” 

Purchase this class only.

We’ll play around with “macro level” narrative techniques that help us consider voice, tone, and point of view, as well as managing time in pieces of various lengths.

Week Four: August 25th, “Fun with Forms, Part II”

Purchase this class only.

We’ll play around with more techniques, these being for the “micro level”–description, dialogue, and other elements of prose writing that bring variety to our work.

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