“Come Go With Me” on Bibliophilopolis.


img_6933.pngTwitter alerted me that this site has featured my story today.  Apparently it’s part of a series called “Deal Me IN,” during which the author takes on a 52 short story reading challenge.   I have been wanting to do some sort of reading challenge involving journals, but this one is a neat idea: he lines up 52 stories to read the following year, assigns each a card, and then draws his next selections from a deck. I really appreciate how this author is promoting work that appears in journals because, you know, it gets published but we have our doubts about how many people will actually read our stories.

You can read what the author wrote about my story, here.

Word Nerd

Did you know that you can get Word of the Day emails from Dictionary.com? I’ve had them for about a month now and I think they’re pretty fun. Today’s word was “Yestreen,” which means “yesterday evening.”

Maybe everyone already knew that but me.  That is exactly how I feel every time I learn a new vocabulary word.