Check this out: The Yoke

My writer friends Rachel Levy and Evan Steuber have a good lookin’ online literary journal for innovative fiction called THE YOKE.  It’s a quarterly that publishes two stories per issue. Each story comes with an interview with the author.

They would love to see more submissions, so if you’ve got these kind of chops, send your work to them.

Here’s the description from their “About” page:

Less is more.

We’re testing that hypothesis. It’s true, we want more. More money. More time. More turkey. But we wonder: might less be better? We’re tired of scanning and skipping. We don’t want to mine the tome. No more! We quit, cold turkey. (We love cold turkey.)

We want to showcase amazing writing in minimum. And so, we present to you The Yoke: a quarterly journal of literary prose. As our name indicates, we’re interested in coupling. We’re interested in yoking. We publish two (and only two) pieces of short prose per issue. We like conversation, and so each issue of The Yoke also includes an accompanying conversation with the featured authors.

Less and more. Succinct and satisfying.

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