Songwriting Month Day 7: New Kind of Song

TODAY’S PROMPT: Learn a song in a style that you’re not too familiar with.

I’m about to learn a reggae song today, I think. I know none, so it’s going be a challenge.  What does Nora sound like singing reggae? Time will tell!  At the very least, it will be a chance to learn a new strumming pattern.

I’m very interested in the styles that people choose, if they choose to do this prompt.


My brother is a huge Jimmy Cliff fan and he put this song on a compilation CD he made for me while I was living and working in Thailand.  Music in English that wasn’t terribly popular, or at least, world famous, was hard to find in Bangkok. My friends and brother knew this and sent me a lot of music while I was there.  This was before I had iTunes. I still listen to the majority of that era’s tunes (I learned to love Lucinda Williams during that time!), and this Jimmy Cliff song is no exception.


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