Where we write from

Last year I wrote a post on how important it was to have a space dedicated to just to writing.  (That way, I said, we can have a place where we shed our non-writing thoughts and leave our troubles at the door, etc.)

A year later, I am a hypocrite to my words. I write mostly on my bed. Sometimes on the couch, but usually on my bed because I like to write in the middle of a pile of books.  Books that I can reach for when I need to remember how to write a tension-packed scene or sentence (Thanks, Joyce Carol Oates), or others with scenes that serve a similar function within a novel (Hello old city descriptions in Middlesex), and more with the historical information I need to write a particular scene for what I daresay is a “mostly” historical novel (hence, my 1927 Sears Catalog). I basically get up, do morning things, make my bed, and cover the mattress with books that five seconds ago covered my dresser, and get to work. I know this is so un-feng-shui.

Coffee keeps me awake. Also, a walk around.

Does anyone else write on their bed? What would we do without laptops?

On that note, check out this incredibly cool photo compilation of famous writers’ beds.



3 Replies to “Where we write from”

  1. Writing on my bed is too painful. Like I’ll do it for a few hours, and when I get up I can’t walk and everything hurts. But I’m old, so there’s that.

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